WSOP: Luis Torres collapses next to Bonomo at ME, asks questions

Luiz Torres joins Justin Bonomo and takes question...

After completing the first four qualifiers, the WSOP Main Event continues this Friday with Round 2ABC, which includes all qualifiers for the first three days except Day 1D. Several Brazilians were involved, Luis Torres being one of them. Instead of getting a very favorable seat draw, “Raiz” joked about the situation.

With one player eliminated, “All Time” frontman Justin Bonomo enters the fray. Lewis insisted on praising the star, even showing that he spoke good English: “Look who walks in here… Justin Bonomo, ‘one of the best poker players in the world’.”

Raiz Catch Taking this opportunity, he also produced content and attacked Bonomo as a journalist (Hello World of Poker) by asking who was the toughest Brazilian player he has ever played against at the poker table, and the answer would not let Surprise for any reader: Yuri Martins.

“I guess I’d call Yuri a “nerd.” players,” Bonomo replied.

Justin Bonomo

Luiz Torres joins Justin Bonomo and takes question...

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  • The text discusses the WSOP Main Event and mentions Brazilian players, including Luis Torres and Yuri Martins. It also highlights Justin Bonomo’s presence and his praise for Yuri Martins as a tough Brazilian player.

  • The text provides an update on the WSOP Main Event and highlights the participation of Brazilian players. It mentions a humorous interaction between Raiz and Justin Bonomo, with Bonomo praising the Brazilian player Yuri Martins as the toughest opponent he has faced.

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    In this text, it is mentioned that the WSOP Main Event is continuing with Round 2ABC, and it highlights the presence of several Brazilian players, including Luis Torres. Raiz makes a joke about the situation and praises Justin Bonomo, stating that he is one of the best poker players in the world. Raiz also asks Bonomo about the toughest Brazilian player he has ever competed against, and Bonomo responds with Yuri Martins, whom he calls a nerd.

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