WSOP 2023 Day 19: Kornuth takes over $250,000 worth of SHR FT, but no Amadi in the lineup.

WSOP 2023 Day 19: Kornuth takes over $250,000 wort...

Chance Kornuth

Adrian Mateos did not return in the $250,000 World Series of Poker Super High Roller.

The Madrid native started the second day second from last in the standings, albeit much lower due to the full effect of late registration.

14 newcomers helped them fill some gaps created by the lottery for empty seats. Adrian welcomes Daniel Negreanu and Leon Sturm to his table despite no one to fill in for Jason Koon, who retired from the game and flew to the hospital to meet his wife who is about to give birth .

The official number of participants is thus 69, a significant improvement over the class of 2,022, which in turn led to a significant increase in the number of participants. The tournament winner will win more than $5,000,000 in prize money.

We already told you, it won’t be Adrian. The Spaniard is cautious at odd tables against Haxton, Petrangelo or Chidwick. He finished stealing the blinds at the pace of his level and waited for a break before readjusting his options.

His new table seems more favorable. After enjoying his first break, Adrian stepped in and all seemed to be going well until he had to concede against Martin Cabrell to bring his points back to 1,000,000 point.

A similar thing happened with Phil Ivey on the bubble, who had the same stack as Adri at 20BB, decided the chip leader wasn’t willing to take any chances and went on the button hit A3. Kabhrel makes instant calls via QQ.

Chance Kornuth is the player most able to burst the bubble. “I hope this bubble never ends,” he posted on social media, and despite reaching the finish line, he continued to hit the ball until the final table was set and in his hands.

  1. Chance Cornus 22,450,000
  2. Martin Kabul 18,400,000
  3. Artur Mattirosian 18,225,000
  4. Alex Kulev 12,600,000
  5. Chris Brewer 8,525 .000
  6. Dan Smith 7,800,000
  7. Steven Venezzi Arnold 6,775,000
  8. DAVID PETERS 4,925,000
  9. BRANDON STEVEN 3,225,000

At $1,500 MONSTER STACK, with less water, Day 1B numbers improved only slightly from the previous day. Enough to get over 8,000 people in for the first time – 8,318 to be exact.

The total prize money is known, $12,477,000 but how it will be distributed has not yet been determined. A new group of Spanish players awaits tonight, including at least one millionaire prize, with 2,715 contenders in total.

What’s happening starting today, June 18th?

  • Event #42: $800 8-Man Deep Stack
  • Event #43: $50,000 Poker Players Tournament
  • Online-Event #6: $500 Turbo
  • Online Event #7: $500 PLO 8-Max

WSOP 2023 Day 19: Kornuth takes over $250,000 wort...

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  • This text provides updates on the participants and events in the $250,000 World Series of Poker Super High Roller tournament. It mentions some players who did not return, the number of participants, and Adrian Mateos’ performance at the tables.

  • Based on the text, Chance Kornuth did not return in the World Series of Poker Super High Roller and Adrian Mateos started the second day with a lower ranking due to late registration. Adrian is cautious at odd tables and had to concede against Martin Cabrell, bringing his points down to 1,000,000.

  • Telly.langosh

    This text is giving updates on the World Series of Poker Super High Roller tournament, mentioning the absence of some players and the entry of newcomers. Despite a cautious approach, Adrian Mateos experienced a setback against Martin Cabrell, but overall, it seems like he is adapting well to the tournament.

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