The 2023 WSOP’s first large and unusual Coolerazo

The 2023 WSOP's first large and unusual Coolerazo

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) always surprises with an unusual hand from the movies, and this time, we got to experience it very quickly. On Day 2 of Event 3 ($1,000 Mystery Millions), an unexpected situation arose at the table, fascinated by what some called the “cooler” players.

Garry Gates finished fourth in the 2019 WSOP Main Event and pocketed $3 million.

Famous poker player and 2019 WSOP Main Event finalist Garry Gates Witnessed this strange hand, and couldn’t help but be amazed. “The craziest hand in the Mystery Millions Bounty today,” he wrote on his Twitter account. The dealer’s error made the promotion even more unbelievable. Coolazo

As Gates explained, when the dealer makes a mistake in the deal and shows an ace, the blinds are 300/500 with a BB ante of 500. So the dealer burned it and continued to deal the cards. Joe McGowan did not receive that card, but another card. Then Joe sitting on HJ opens with 1,500 in chips. At this point, Garry folded and Brynjar Eli Gigjam called from the button and the small blind.

The flop came three four 4 4 4 , and after the small blind checked, McGowan bet 3,000 and was only called by the button. Then the turn came the 10 and the action was repeated, this time the first attacker bet 7,000. In the end, the river was an ace, so Joe put 10,000 in chips at the table, Eli moved all-in for 31,000,000 and was immediately called by his opponent.

At showdown, Eli showed 6 4, a poker, and Joe beat a pair of A A A (yes, he had 3 Aces preflop), but still lost the pot. Garry expressed his disbelief at the situation: “This guy lost an ace to a dealer error, still got aces, got an ace on the river, and lost the poker game.” But the surprises didn’t end there, as Eli hadn’t planned on doing it. Didn’t realize the aces burned on the flop until he read about it on his postgame blog.

This hand became one of the most extraordinary moments in the 2023 WSOP so far, it stunned the players present and proved once again that poker has the greatest power in any game Both can provide unpredictability and excitement.

My mystery bounty run today was one of the craziest cards I’ve ever seen.

When the dealer showed everyone’s hole cards, she accidentally flipped over A♠️, which would have been Joe McGowan’s card. She gave him a replacement and closed the deal…

— GG (@GarryGates) May 31, 2023

The 2023 WSOP's first large and unusual Coolerazo

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