Solve problems in real time with these tips

Solve problems in real time with these tips

Tilt is pretty much every poker player’s nemesis, and while this psychological aspect may seem easy to deal with in theory or in research, the truth is that recognizing and treating it is at the heart of the poker table. It’s more difficult than it looks.

Working in this area is the foundation of becoming a professional gamer, and while mastering this area does not happen overnight, using some technique, trial and error may help in the future .

Jared Tendler at the WSOP.

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There is a big difference between controlling emotions and actually solving problems. That’s why Jared Tendler, trainer and author of The Mind Game of Poker, recently wrote an article on the importance of using real-time strategies when emotions are volatile and impacting performance.

Four Steps to the Tendler Real-Time Tilt Strategy

  • Step 1: Realize that your problem has been triggered up.
  • Step 2: Stop the flow of these emotions.
  • Step 3: Build Logic
  • Step 4: Using Strategic Memory

Real-time strategy is critical, but it must be properly developed or it becomes just another form of emotional repression, governance or control. In this case, it will work in the short term, but it requires constant vigilance because the risk of making a big mistake is still there.

“Once you have evolved and crystallized the number-making strategy, repeatedly applying corrections immediately after your emotions are triggered, you can protect yourself from a reaction that has already occurred before it becomes a bigger problem, When you do it right, you are simultaneously training your mind to correct the wrong thinking that caused you to be this way in the first place >needs to repeat the correction over and over again they need to become like a professional athlete and put in the time and energy to perfect one’s technique so that they are strong enough to compete.

In this case, you are learning a psychic technique. In this way,one strives to master corrective method, thereby permanently improving the defect and fixing it. After a permanent fix, the solution is achieved. The old way of reacting is disabled and you automatically have the calm you need to perform at your best.

Last but not least, Tendler assures us that the most difficult thing is to practice taking action to solve this problem as much as possible, and he strongly advises “Don’t give up. Solving your problems is worth it. “.

Solve problems in real time with these tips

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