Pokerdom Russian Poker

Pokerdom Russian Poker

Russian poker played in poker dome

Poker Dome-Room developed and launched another new product – “The Most Russian Poker”, which has already attracted the attention of all users. This is an exclusive game only available on Pokerdom.

Unlike normal poker, the Russian version is played against casinos and live dealers. Plus, it’s accompanied by stunning performances that create an indescribably new atmosphere of entertainment.

Six variants of the game are already available in the “Russian Poker” lobby. You can choose one of them and have a one-on-one battle with the dealer. Each variant has an insurance that allows you to reduce differences in unusual forms.

Traditionally, you cannot sit at the table at the same time, but observe what is happening and better understand the rules before placing your bet. But you don’t need long to know this game. Its rules will be familiar to those who enjoy poker in all its forms.

A distinctive feature of “Russian Poker” is the opportunity to team up with your friends or other users for more chances against the dealer. Legitimate game time, not only allows you to win more, but also to have fun.

To make the novelty even more attractive, Pokerdom created a special tournament dedicated to “Russian poker”, with a prize of 500,000 rubles being drawn. These awards are given to the five players who learned the rules the fastest and achieved first place on the corresponding leaderboard. The contest runs from April 28 to May 12, the entire holiday weekend. This means that there will be a large number of players at the exclusive Russian poker tables who don’t mind trying their luck at the new game.

The poker community also held ongoing celebrations for Chinese poker fans. The rake races are over and now tournament series are in full swing, offering affordable buy-ins and huge prize pools.

Pokerdom Russian Poker

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