Phil Galfond illustrates his teaching with an analysis of Daniel Cates’ hand

Phil Galfond illustrates his teaching with an anal...

At the end of July, we found space on the front page to comment on the new concerns of Phil Galfond, who wanted to stay active without losing his popularity in the poker community.

He chose to focus on strategy, using the teaching skills he had already demonstrated in his “one run” school. We report on this shift in theme in a new post on his blog, in which he discusses the basics of exploitative play based on taking solid readings from your opponent and tweaking your strategy Getting out of trouble Galfond also maintains another communication channel, such as his Youtube channel, where he posts poker player tips and hand analysis.

The last of these analyzes involved the lyrics he posted on his blog, in which he wondered whether Jungleman‘s striking handwriting was due to the use of exploitative tactics or Based on GTO.

This is not something we often encounter with 600bb effective stacks. Therefore, the analysis of Bobo 3-betting pre-flop with his Q9 and calling after 4-bet does not seem to be applicable in everyday life.

On the 882 flop flush draw, Cates bet one-third of the pot, a standard bet that easily overwhelmed his AQ of clubs Half bluff to the further streets at an affordable cost. Bobo responds to the raise and Galfond thinks the only way to respond is to call since flush draws are great for keeping your winning bluffs and he takes advantage of the implied nature of flush completions to see his very profitable More Card.

After analyzing the range that forms such a line, Bobo’s hand will have many overpairs, some 8s, and perhaps poker and bluffing will prevail.

This is him. He wanted to represent that most of the time, he was strong on the turn, but with the 9, his hand became top pair, and he chose to bet less than half the pot, which is more Is to maintain the storyline of his previous raise, perhaps to protect or cancel the value of his newly bound hand.

Here, Galfond suggests that Cates evaluate Pop on the basis of his bet size. Cates’ hand is another great salary cap candidate for the same reasons as the flop raise. Cates decides that anything stronger than an overpair like TT or JJ should be bet higher to get some value out of his perceived range, unlike a guy who was all-in pre-flop and on the flop It’s very similar after the raise has been paid. So instead of paying the odds, he decides to reinforce his half-fold with a check-raise.

Galfond didn’t blame Bobo for paying to see the river because his odds and hand could be gone. The river was cold, leading to a showdown, but he thought Cates’ read was excellent and a range his opponent should be very concerned about.

Bobo’s SPR is less than 1, which means he has less money in his stack than in the pot, so after the insignificant 3 of Hearts on the river, Jungleman must decide whether to bluff again fool. Galfond pointed out that the jungler must rely on two things to pull off this expensive bluff.

  • His opponent’s range must not contain a high percentage of strong hands.
  • His opponent must be able to fold most of the showdown hands.

Despite stopping Bobo’s hand with an A and Q of clubs, Cates is still bluffing.

The amount Katz chose was off the mark, and it could be a less risky bet to save money if it doesn’t work, or go all out to maximize fold equity: “That’s what he Definition.” Bushman. The action is always consistent. Ask yourself what I would do with the strongest hands in my range and what I would do with my bluffs in this situation, always keeping in mind what they represent at any given time.

Phil Galfond illustrates his teaching with an anal...


  • The text discusses Phil Galfond’s shift in strategy and communication channels in the poker community. The author analyzes a particular hand played by Galfond and highlights his thoughts on exploitative play versus GTO. Overall, the text provides insights from Galfond’s perspective and offers strategic considerations for bluffing and value betting.

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