Parada Contada confirmed for 2024 season

Renan Castro 'signs contract extension', Parada Co...

Mundo Poker has a very strong roster of quality players, but there is one undeniable bright spot in 2023. Rennan Castro has been one of the highlights of the season with “Parada Contada” and wherever he goes he hears a lot of praise for the form he presents on the show.

That’s the good news that Parada Contada will be here to stay going strong into 2024. The show’s lead actor and writer has been “re-signed” and will continue to produce the videos that have endeared viewers to the show over the past year. And it is promised that the new season will be cooler and richer than the first season.

Renan Castro was always in high spirits and deliberately remembered the beginning of the show:

“I spent more than a year making the written Advertising, until KSOP Premium came along and Ytarõ came up with the idea of ​​making a video ad. I didn’t know much about it, but I decided to do it. It was a crucial experience because I had already written a lot of manuscripts, so I was familiar with the form and the program, which makes it easier. I have improved and learned more since the first time, and it works,” said Rennan. There was even a finalist for the Main Event

He was impressed for good reason. Every time he attends an event, Renan Castro gets a lot of messages from players. And not just from those who participated in the video (for better or worse), but also from many players who have nothing to do with the action. Everyone agrees that “Parada Contada” is one of the most successful titles of the year.

Previously, Renan was used to writing, remaining “hidden” “A little bit, but he’s coping well, brilliantly. He’s delighted with the love he’s received: “It’s great to see the feedback from people, everyone says they see it and it’s really cool and they think it’s great interesting. That is why today I appreciate Parada Contada as if it were a son of my creation. “That’s why I place great emphasis on always delivering a high-quality product,” he said.

Among the 45 companies among the episodes he recorded in 2023, the author of the series personally chose his favorite: “I really liked episode 24, namely “Gabriel” There’s also a lot of positive feedback from Pensadors, who starts with 2345meia78, so it’s really cool that they found the Guys to break each other’s king pairs because it all happened so fast (see below). “Start.

“Episode 41, Foster, Ivan Limeira folding JJ, Pragana and KK, I really liked it. “I loved episode 38 because in that episode the guy didn’t want to be there and I had to deal with it, and that was the highlight. “I’m very happy,” he added. The above episode and all other content can be found on the Mundo Poker Instagram profile Found in the information.

Finally, Rennan Castro predicts what 2024 will look like: “Now, this year the public can expect better and better work, done better and with love. The rest continues as usual. It’s the way I do things, the way I talk, the way I put things together. This essence will continue. “I will try to update the jokes and puns, but always keep what made the show so successful,” he concluded.

Renan Castro 'signs contract extension', Parada Co...

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  • This text is a positive review of Rennan Castro and his show Parada Contada on Mundo Poker. It highlights his success and the praise he receives from viewers and fellow players. Castro expresses his dedication to delivering a high-quality product and promises even better work in 2024 while maintaining the essence of the show that made it successful.

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    This text discusses the success and positive feedback received by Rennan Castro for his show Parada Contada. It mentions his improvement and growth since the beginning and his dedication to delivering high-quality content. Castro promises to continue his work with love and maintain the essence that made the show successful in the upcoming year.

  • This text highlights the success and praise for Renan Castro and his show Parada Contada. He discusses his growth and improvement since the beginning of the show and expresses his dedication to delivering a high-quality product. Castro predicts that in 2024, viewers can expect better work done with love, while still maintaining the essence that made the show successful.

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