KSOP Iguaçu 2023: Juan Barattini Super Deep Water 1K Champion

KSOP Iguaçu 2023: Juan Barattini Super Deep Water...

Juan Barattini won the Mega Deep 1K event, Argentina’s first title at the KSOP Iguaçu Festival.

The entry fee for the tournament was 1,000 reais ($207) and there were 132 participants. Argentine Marcos Rodriguez Grassi reached the final and finished sixth, earning 5,350 reais ($1,111).

Juan Barattini was the overall winner, taking home R$ 25,000 ($5,192). Champion speech: “I feel very excited because this is the first time I have raced on this track. This victory is very spectacular, and I will go to Rio de Janeiro to find a new trophy.”

This is his year The fourth final table he won, he also finished third in the singles Day 20K LAPT Rio, eighth in the CAP Buenos Aires High Roller 350K and LAPT Montevideo The sixth-place finishers in the Main Event all go to Uruguay. He has earned over $160,000 in his career.

Finalists/Photo: Mundo Poker

These are the tournament finalists:

1. – Juan Barattini – R$25,000 2nd – Jorge Orlando – R$17,350 3rd – Paulo Roldan – R$12,600 4th – Marco Corrêa – R$8,650 5th – Elias Garcia – R$6,630 6th – Marcos Rodríguez Grassi – R$ 5,350, 7th pla ce – Rubens Apovian – R$ 4,500, 8th place – Marcos Borrionuevo – R$ 3,800, 9th place – Bruno de Oliveira – R$ 3,200.

KSOP Iguaçu 2023: Juan Barattini Super Deep Water...

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