He left the main event to attend a wedding and came back completely overwhelmed.

He left the main event to attend a wedding and cam...

Famous rapper Hoodie Allen, real name Steven Markowitz, took part in an unusual match in the recent WSOP 2023 Main Event . After leaving his deck on ABC Day 2 to go to New York for a friend’s wedding, Allen returned to Las Vegas for Day 3 of the tournament just to live through one of those stories, a worthy Freak Friday story.

Hoodie Allen’s events have become the talk of the community, and flying across the country and back in time seems like a real adventure. “As I approached the airport, my flight was 3.5 hours late. I found the last seat on another flight and booked it to get back to the WSOP on time,” he said. Ultimately, the rapper arrived just in time for the start of day three, sparking anticipation and curiosity among attendees.

With all eyes on him in his fourth hand, the famous musician finds himself in a crucial situation. He had pair of aces, which he was sure he wanted to use to make up for the blinds he lost in his absence. Allen’s hopes were raised when he saw his opponent push all-in with AK, an even worse hand that looked easy to beat.

In a strange and whimsical twist on the variance, however, the community cards play against each other. The board shows J 3 Q 2 10, completing a straight for the opponent. Alan’s seemingly invincible trump card turns out to be second best, confounding everyone and knocking the rapper out of the game.

Fate played a dirty joke on the rapper, if he had known what to expect he would have played the game for him he might have thought twice about leaving the tournament for a friend’s Weddings, or conversely, staying a little longer at the party.

Finally, at the end of his episode, he posted a message on Twitter expressing his sadness at what happened: “This may hurt for a while. It’s true for me It’s important.”

This might hurt for a while

I guess I fucking care

-even Hoodie Allen (@HoodieAllen) July 9, 2023

He left the main event to attend a wedding and cam...

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