Guilherme Chammas is the KSOP GGPoker Prog KO Champion

Guilherme Chammas starts with a home run and wins...

From then on the progressive KO format What has changed is KSOP GGPoker, all over Brazil and around the world, starting to offer a very attractive tournament in its program with affordable buy-ins and high guarantees. The match has crowned several big names on the Brazilian scene, and Puerto Iguazu’s current phase is no exception. Guilherme Chammas wins.

It was a several-hour drive and a very tiring journey, and ended up beating out 381 entrants with a buy-in fee of


with a prize of R$ 1,500.

He is very committed and very happy with the win: “I’m playing my best game, I’ve given a lot. The result is coming. It’s a reward, a realization, to come to Argentina and Win against a very qualified team and beat them.” Wender Oliveira was the ace of the game, very rewarding, very lucky. It was all worth it and I would do it again. said Guilherme Chammas.

Giller May started with an average stack going into finals day and showed great resilience, knowing how to wait for the right seat and secure the big stack. “I was out with 15-20 big blinds for most of the day, but I had AK and The continuous wind of QQ and the ability to get back into the game. Since then I’ve gained confidence and been very focused,” he said.

Since it’s a PKO tournament, the game has changed a lot since the ICMs are mostly small and the bounties are big. Chamath showed that he has adapted well to the format: “During games, especially in overtime, it’s ideal to play bounty games. ICM won’t work, you have to look for it. I have several and Wende has the largest. Then I pulled his head off lol. icing on the cake,” he said.

In His heads-up opponent, Wender Oliveira, amassed a massive chip stack for most of the match, nearly knocking out more than half of his opponents in the final sprint. Despite knowing his opponent’s potential and experience, Guilherme showed confidence in the one-on-one And turned the game around.

With a couple of good hands, the winner weakened Wender Oliveira’s stack. In the decider, Guilherme pushed all-in on the turn with 32 on a 4T5A board, and he Got a straight. His opponent called second pair with T6 and a flush draw, but couldn’t find outs on the river, and Chammas was the winner.

“I’ve been in a lot of heads-up Contest. I beat Caiaffa against VC VEM in the deciding game. My heads-up strategy is not to play wild after the flop, I don’t like getting stuck. The game must be played well. Now is the time to rest and celebrate, because tomorrow we have the Main Event. The game never stops. ’ concluded the champ.

Check out the final table prizes:

1. – Guilherme Chammas – $71,550 2nd – Wender Olivera – $52,400 3rd – Alejandro Martin – $18,000 4th – André Leão – $14,000 5th – Anderson da Silva – $11,320 6th – Maricano Vanucchi – $9,000 7th – Luis Henrique Taffner – $7,100 8th – Felipe de Aguiar – $5,800 9th – Leandro Poleza – $4,800

Guilherme Chammas starts with a home run and wins...

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  • This text provides information about the KSOP GGPoker tournament, specifically the progressive KO format, which has become popular in Brazil and around the world. It highlights Guilherme Chammas as the winner of the tournament, showcasing his skills and strategy in the game. Overall, it seems like an exciting and successful event for the participants involved.

  • The text discusses the success of the progressive KO format in the KSOP GGPoker tournament in Brazil, highlighting Guilherme Chammas as the winner. It also mentions the strategies and experiences of the finalists, Wender Oliveira and Guilherme Chammas, and provides the prize distribution for the final table.

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