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Guilherme Chammas is the KSOP GGPoker Prog KO Champion

Guilherme Chammas starts with a home run and wins...

From then on the progressive KO format What has changed is KSOP GGPoker, all over Brazil and around the world, starting to offer a very attractive tournament in its program with affordable buy-ins and high guarantees. The match has crowned several big names on the Brazilian scene, and Puerto Iguazu’s current phase is no exception. Guilherme Chammas wins.

It was a several-hour drive and a very tiring journey, and ended up beating out 381 entrants with a buy-in fee of


with a prize of R$ 1,500.

He is very committed and very happy with the win: “I’m playing my best game, I’ve given a lot. The result is coming. It’s a reward, a realization, to come to Argentina and Win against a very qualified team and beat them.” Wender Oliveira was the ace of the game, very rewarding, very lucky. It was all worth it and I would do it again. said Guilherme Chammas.

Giller May started with an average stack going into finals day and showed great resilience, knowing how to wait for the right seat and secure the big stack. “I was out with 15-20 big blinds for most of the day, but I had AK and The continuous wind of QQ and the ability to get back into the game. Since then I’ve gained confidence and been very focused,” he said.

Since it’s a PKO tournament, the game has changed a lot since the ICMs are mostly small and the bounties are big. Chamath showed that he has adapted well to the format: “During games, especially in overtime, it’s ideal to play bounty games. ICM won’t work, you have to look for it. I have several and Wende has the largest. Then I pulled his head off lol. icing on the cake,” he said.

In His heads-up opponent, Wender Oliveira, amassed a massive chip stack for most of the match, nearly knocking out more than half of his opponents in the final sprint. Despite knowing his opponent’s potential and experience, Guilherme showed confidence in the one-on-one And turned the game around.

With a couple of good hands, the winner weakened Wender Oliveira’s stack. In the decider, Guilherme pushed all-in on the turn with 32 on a 4T5A board, and he Got a straight. His opponent called second pair with T6 and a flush draw, but couldn’t find outs on the river, and Chammas was the winner.

“I’ve been in a lot of heads-up Contest. I beat Caiaffa against VC VEM in the deciding game. My heads-up strategy is not to play wild after the flop, I don’t like getting stuck. The game must be played well. Now is the time to rest and celebrate, because tomorrow we have the Main Event. The game never stops. ’ concluded the champ.

Check out the final table prizes:

1. – Guilherme Chammas – $71,550 2nd – Wender Olivera – $52,400 3rd – Alejandro Martin – $18,000 4th – André Leão – $14,000 5th – Anderson da Silva – $11,320 6th – Maricano Vanucchi – $9,000 7th – Luis Henrique Taffner – $7,100 8th – Felipe de Aguiar – $5,800 9th – Leandro Poleza – $4,800

Guilherme Chammas starts with a home run and wins...

WSOP 2023 Day 19: Kornuth takes over $250,000 worth of SHR FT, but no Amadi in the lineup.

WSOP 2023 Day 19: Kornuth takes over $250,000 wort...

Chance Kornuth

Adrian Mateos did not return in the $250,000 World Series of Poker Super High Roller.

The Madrid native started the second day second from last in the standings, albeit much lower due to the full effect of late registration.

14 newcomers helped them fill some gaps created by the lottery for empty seats. Adrian welcomes Daniel Negreanu and Leon Sturm to his table despite no one to fill in for Jason Koon, who retired from the game and flew to the hospital to meet his wife who is about to give birth .

The official number of participants is thus 69, a significant improvement over the class of 2,022, which in turn led to a significant increase in the number of participants. The tournament winner will win more than $5,000,000 in prize money.

We already told you, it won’t be Adrian. The Spaniard is cautious at odd tables against Haxton, Petrangelo or Chidwick. He finished stealing the blinds at the pace of his level and waited for a break before readjusting his options.

His new table seems more favorable. After enjoying his first break, Adrian stepped in and all seemed to be going well until he had to concede against Martin Cabrell to bring his points back to 1,000,000 point.

A similar thing happened with Phil Ivey on the bubble, who had the same stack as Adri at 20BB, decided the chip leader wasn’t willing to take any chances and went on the button hit A3. Kabhrel makes instant calls via QQ.

Chance Kornuth is the player most able to burst the bubble. “I hope this bubble never ends,” he posted on social media, and despite reaching the finish line, he continued to hit the ball until the final table was set and in his hands.

  1. Chance Cornus 22,450,000
  2. Martin Kabul 18,400,000
  3. Artur Mattirosian 18,225,000
  4. Alex Kulev 12,600,000
  5. Chris Brewer 8,525 .000
  6. Dan Smith 7,800,000
  7. Steven Venezzi Arnold 6,775,000
  8. DAVID PETERS 4,925,000
  9. BRANDON STEVEN 3,225,000

At $1,500 MONSTER STACK, with less water, Day 1B numbers improved only slightly from the previous day. Enough to get over 8,000 people in for the first time – 8,318 to be exact.

The total prize money is known, $12,477,000 but how it will be distributed has not yet been determined. A new group of Spanish players awaits tonight, including at least one millionaire prize, with 2,715 contenders in total.

What’s happening starting today, June 18th?

  • Event #42: $800 8-Man Deep Stack
  • Event #43: $50,000 Poker Players Tournament
  • Online-Event #6: $500 Turbo
  • Online Event #7: $500 PLO 8-Max

WSOP 2023 Day 19: Kornuth takes over $250,000 wort...

Las Vegas 2023: Two podiums for Marcelo Stone’s Betbesé

Las Vegas 2023: Two podiums for Marcelo Stone's Be...

Argentina’s Marcelo “Stones” Betbesé had two great results this Father’s Day weekend in Las Vegas. The first event is Friday at the Aria Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, with guaranteed entry fees of $800 and $150,000 for the Aria Poker Classic Senior Tournament. In this competition, he won third place 🥉 out of 419 entrants and received $27,321 in prize money.

The second conquest came Saturday in the $400 and $40K Guaranteed Senior Championship tournaments at the Orleans Casino. The competition started at 11:00 am and ended at 3:00 am, and there were still 6 players who finally reached an agreement. Marcelo finished second in chips and took home $12,700 from the ICM. It was a 16-hour marathon with 416 runners.

40k GTD Senior Tournament 400 final table.

Betbesé is not alone, he is joined by Argentine pro and friend Andres Korn and to accompany Diego Madrigalli ( Diego Madrigali and Colombian cash game player Juan David Vargas. With these results, Marcelo has 14 cashes in Las Vegas, including 8 in WSOP events.

Las Vegas 2023: Two podiums for Marcelo Stone's Be...

WSOP: Camilo Baggiani & Gustavo Castro to Ev #37

Camilo Baggiani and Gustavo Castro to Represent Br...

Brazilian poker has another win Great opportunity for another win at WSOP 2023 this Saturday (17th) to get a bracelet. Of the 1,962 entrants in Event 37 ($2,000 NLH), 36 players remained, two of whom proudly wore the Brazilian flag.

Camilo Baggiani is one of them. This player enters Day 3 with 1,560,000 in chips. Meanwhile, Gustavo Castro (“Rajaaadanativ”) from The Team made his WSOP debut with 1,225,000 in chips. The pair hope to improve on Rafael Reis’ results in the 2021 event, when he finished third.

The chip leader for this tournament is China’s Yuan Li advanced with 5,315,000 in chips. Also in the race were Mark Self (3,850,000), Antoine Saout (3,615,000), Ankush Mandavia (1,240,000), Carlos Chang (975,000), Uri Reichenstein (715,000) and Boris Kolev (70,000).

Contest continues at 2:00 pm ET (10:00 am ET). The Big Blind bet has a lower blind reset of 30,000/60,000. The prize pool is $12,807. The winner of the contest will take home a whopping $524,777.

Camilo Baggiani and Gustavo Castro to Represent Br...

KSOP Foz do Iguaçu: Fernanda Torati doesn’t play three hands for the ladies

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Unlucky to get up: Fernanda T...

Friday is a very busy day for KSOP GG Poker Iguazu. There were four winners on the day, including big winner Lyna Carla in the women’s competition. In a women’s-only tournament, a hand elicited laughter from the crowd.

The three-hand tournament featured Lyna herself, players Débora Vicente and Fernanda Torati. In the end, the latter took the lead and lost the third place in the competition. Always in a good mood, even the old trick of getting up off the table couldn’t save Carioca’s life during the match.

Debora Vicente was the chip leader when only three finalists remained. The difference and the Fernanda difference are in contention. The two of them ended up all-in pre-flop and Torati was able to double up and settle the dispute with live cards and chances on both sides.

Debora has the chip lead, even in the hand against Fernanda, who has chips. Torati cherished her life in the game and saw a sad defeat that had cost her opponent three points. At this point she stood up, but even that couldn’t save her. Instead, down the street, the situation has become final.

The last eight of the deck, showing up on the table and giving Deborah four, didn’t even bring a few laughs. Give Fernanda the chance to dream of being a runner. The river was just the deal, with Fernanda Torati finishing third and at least one trophy guaranteed.

Débora had the upper hand in heads-up, but won on the turn and fell to the second woman. As the song “Bonde das Maravilhas” sings, there is the famous octagon.

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Unlucky to get up: Fernanda T...

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Saturday was a busy day in the series

Three new champions and two new Main Event qualifi...

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú halfway through the tournament The first day of the anticipated weekend will be a busy one for the series. The daily schedule for the event will feature five races featuring three new champions and two more qualifiers, with the series featuring a guaranteed main event prize of R$1KK.

This is the schedule for one of the qualifiers, Day 1D, Opening Saturday. The tournament has a traditional buy-in of R$ 2,500 and is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm. The next day, Day 1E, takes place at 10pm. It’s played in a turbo structure with 30-minute blinds.

At 3:00pm there is another tournament that is always popular. Freezeout is a non-re-enterable match, which makes the game a lot more deliberate. The freeze has a buy-in fee of R$1,500 and a margin of R$70,000, but high demand is likely to easily exceed that amount. The Frozen Match is an evening match that is broadcast live on MundoTV.

For fans of Five Card Studios, exciting tournaments start at 5pm. The Omaha tournament was a KO, which made things even more interesting. The buy-in fee for PLO5 KO is R$2,000 and the margin is R$50,000. That promise is the frantic action at the poker table. Plus, the new Hold’e Tournament kicks off at 8pm. This is the 8Max Turbo with a buy-in of R$1,000.

Three new champions and two new Main Event qualifi...

Elias Neto craves excitement at PokerStars Thursday

Elias Neto Wins PokerStars Thrill Thursday

In the first half of June, the Brazilian put on a show at the PokerStars Felt. Elias Neto is the winner of Thursday’s $1,050 Thrill Prize. SaoJorge2222 account holder defeated 59 players and won $15,860. Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani stopped in the 4-handed event to win $5,624.

Pedro Padilha won the 3-handed $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $7,826.

João “sydens” Oliveira, on the other hand, defeated 1,544 opponents in the $33 Bounty Builder competition to win the title and $5,926.

In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, grinder “twonior” earned a bronze medal and added $5,576 to his bankroll. There were 2,105 participants in the tournament.

Elias Neto Wins PokerStars Thrill Thursday

‘ForreieGanho’ Wins GGWF Event 211-H

This Thursday, the 1st, the Brazilian achieved excellent results at the GGPoker World Awards. Grinder “ForreieGanho” won Event 211-H: $1,050 Thursday Throwdown for $70,164. On the other hand, Renan “TempoRuim” Aziz came in third for $16,672.

In Event 211-S: $10,300 Thursday Roll [Bounty] Bruno Volkmann won 3 hands and added $43,885 to his bankroll.

In Event 210-H: $525 Bounty Hunter HR [Classic], Iago “RanThisTable” Savino finished second out of 739 entries, a feat that earned him $37,467.

In Event 212-S: $1,500 Thursday Triple Chance [3-Stack], Dalton “morgota” Hobold (3rd) and Pedro Padilha (5th) won $19,365 and $11,368.

Felipe Ketzer also makes money on the site. In Event 212-H: $320 Thursday Triple Chance [3-Stack], he won the silver medal for $17,162. There were 368 participants in the tournament.

Jeferson Zaminhan Makes Brasilia BSOP Debut, Wins R$88,000 1-Day High Roller

After returning to Brasilia after three years, BSOP presented the first trophy on the stage early this morning. Hobby collector and businessman Jeferson Zaminhan overlooked the technical aspects of Event 2: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em 1-Day High Roller. The Pala player won R$ 88,400 after beating 75 opponents.

Zaminhan also broke the BSOP High Roller in 2019 and 2021, when he emerged from the Millions for R$787,000 in prize money.

The high roller collected far more than the R$200,000 guarantee and paid R$321,360. Also on the podium were Marcelo Giordano and Ricardo Augusto, who received R$62,850 and R$41,100 respectively.

In Event 3: R$500 NL Hold’em Super 500, Carlos Medeiros topped a field of 81 opponents. 7,900 reais.

Peru’s Juan Hiro won R$ 6,460 with a KO of PL Omaha for R$ 1,200. Progressive Activity 4.

The “Predictor” of Suprema Series of Poker Event 106-H

Extreme Poker Series Predictor Vence 106-H Event

On Thursday the 1st, the Suprema Poker Series was another success. In Event 106-H: $1,000 NL Hold’em HighS, no one appeared as a “predictor”. He won $31,569 after beating 164 players.

PicPay was the winner of Event 263-M: $220 NL Hold’em Battle HR. He added $24,736 to his bankroll and was the winner out of 804 entrants.

See additional results:

Event 105-H: $550 Mystery Prize (175 submissions)

WINNER: “# ERRO!” R$17,429

Event 107-H: $550 NL Holdem OmaX HR (78 entrants)

WINNER: “belarmito” R$14,239

Event 395-L: $75 NL Hold’em Battle (1,125 participants)

Winner: “Goldensaurio” R$11,264

Extreme Poker Series Predictor Vence 106-H Event

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