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Fantomas Vol wins Sunday surprise mystery in his National League and pockets big free betting money

Fantomas Vol wins Sunday surprise mystery in his N...

Yesterday at Winamax, the focus was on the first voyage of the new part of the Regular Championship and Trilogy (GTD 1.5 million).fres. Throughout Sunday, a total of 345-figure grand prize tournaments were organized in the French region, with a prize money of €1.23 millionbonus.

The most famous tournament is the Sunday SurpriseMystery €10, run by “FantomasVol“, which won the

Four races awarded prizes worth over €10,000 to the winners.

  •” won the Battle Royale for €200 (€17,450. 61).
  • Musto121” conquered Prime Time and got 12€, 591,62.
  • sunorun” won 14€,721,37, thanks to him at HighRoller 250 Euros.
  • sourd muet” costs 18 euros,346 .47 After winning the Main Event KO – €125 a day.

Regarding the prize pool, fourtournaments exceed the €100,000 jackpot:

There are 7 other races with more than €30,000 in prize money.

A new day of Regular Tournament awaits us today, which also includes Trilogy Opening Flight – Activity.

Fantomas Vol wins Sunday surprise mystery in his N...

Gabriel Schroeder leads Day 2 of LAPT Panama Main Event

Gabriel Schroeder leads Day 2 of LAPT Panama Main...

In the LAPT Panama Main Event, all eyes will be on the race leader: Gabriel Schroeder. The Brazilian, WSOP bracelet holder, had a dream day and will lead the way through 150 qualifiers with a whopping 528,500 points.

Alexandre Vuilleumier traveled from Switzerland for the LAPT Panama. The winner of WSOP Event #2 is expected to play on Day 2.

Schroeder built an impressive chip count on Day 1C, which included 212 entries. The flight saw unprecedented levels of poker excitement among participants from across Latin America in the Sheraton Crown Casino, Panama room.

In addition to the excellent Brazilian players, there are advanced Tony Miles with 306,000 chips and Jose Nadal with 291,500 points; Zouvi with 276,500 points; Rodrigo Zouvi with 276,500 points; Jose Severino with 269,000 in chips and Sergio Abello with 231,500 in chips for Day 2 Top of the qualifiers.

Day 1D Turbo, responsible for shaping a field of 340 entrants, brought another 24 entrants in Panama City in the early hours of the morning, of which only 13 made the cut. The best player on the final maiden voyage was Gabriel De Medeiros with 232,000 points.

Gabriel Schroeder leads Day 2 of LAPT Panama Main...

He left the main event to attend a wedding and came back completely overwhelmed.

He left the main event to attend a wedding and cam...

Famous rapper Hoodie Allen, real name Steven Markowitz, took part in an unusual match in the recent WSOP 2023 Main Event . After leaving his deck on ABC Day 2 to go to New York for a friend’s wedding, Allen returned to Las Vegas for Day 3 of the tournament just to live through one of those stories, a worthy Freak Friday story.

Hoodie Allen’s events have become the talk of the community, and flying across the country and back in time seems like a real adventure. “As I approached the airport, my flight was 3.5 hours late. I found the last seat on another flight and booked it to get back to the WSOP on time,” he said. Ultimately, the rapper arrived just in time for the start of day three, sparking anticipation and curiosity among attendees.

With all eyes on him in his fourth hand, the famous musician finds himself in a crucial situation. He had pair of aces, which he was sure he wanted to use to make up for the blinds he lost in his absence. Allen’s hopes were raised when he saw his opponent push all-in with AK, an even worse hand that looked easy to beat.

In a strange and whimsical twist on the variance, however, the community cards play against each other. The board shows J 3 Q 2 10, completing a straight for the opponent. Alan’s seemingly invincible trump card turns out to be second best, confounding everyone and knocking the rapper out of the game.

Fate played a dirty joke on the rapper, if he had known what to expect he would have played the game for him he might have thought twice about leaving the tournament for a friend’s Weddings, or conversely, staying a little longer at the party.

Finally, at the end of his episode, he posted a message on Twitter expressing his sadness at what happened: “This may hurt for a while. It’s true for me It’s important.”

This might hurt for a while

I guess I fucking care

-even Hoodie Allen (@HoodieAllen) July 9, 2023

He left the main event to attend a wedding and cam...

pablo_pakete unleadro8521, PokerStars Super Thursday red team leader

pablo_pakete unleadro8521, PokerStars Super Thursd...

SuperThursday Day takes on Spanish colors at PokerStars. The focus is on the Daily Routine Tournament.

Red Spade Room organized 8 five-figure tournaments with €131,000 worth of prizes awarded live. Two of them ended with Spainvictories.

pablo_pakete” won the 50€ Bigger (1,865.14€) and “leandro8521” won the 20€ Bounty Generator (1,282.39€).

With these two victories, La Roja claimed a total of 26 victories in the regular MTT yesterday. These are the Spanish winners:

The Spaniard scored 10doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list) and the rest The in HU is favorable to our team: 16 wins13 Second Place.

These are the results of the most important match on Thursday:

  1. pablo_pakete (bigger €50. Prize pool: 1,865.14 EUR. Field: 224. Prize pool: 10,080 EUR. Country: Spain).
  2. cameron502 (Mini Thunder £10. Prize pool: €2,724.44. Number of entries: 2,512. Prize pool: 22,608. Country: France).
  3. sebassw87 (Thunder £) 50. Prize money: €3,944.48 Number of entries: 606. Number of entries: 606. Prize pool: €27,270. Country: France).
  4. zapheen (£10 free bet. Prize pool: €1,768.09. Number of entries: 1,405. Prize pool: €15,000. Country: France).
  5. GaGreb9 (Starry Night €250. Prize pool: €3,802.32. Venue: 61. Venue: 61. Prize pool: €15,000. Country: Portugal).
  6. leandro8521 (Bounty Generation €20. Prize money: €1,282.39. Number of entries: 579. Number of entries: 579. Prize pool: €10,422. Country: Spain).
  7. spencer165 (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €2,326.00. Number of entries: 313. Prize pool: €14,085. Country: Portugal).
  8. papitoxx (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €1,805.36. Number of entries: 1,893. Prize pool: €17,037. Country: France).

Today we are back in the room for our regular game schedule.

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

pablo_pakete unleadro8521, PokerStars Super Thursd...

WSOP: Luis Torres collapses next to Bonomo at ME, asks questions

Luiz Torres joins Justin Bonomo and takes question...

After completing the first four qualifiers, the WSOP Main Event continues this Friday with Round 2ABC, which includes all qualifiers for the first three days except Day 1D. Several Brazilians were involved, Luis Torres being one of them. Instead of getting a very favorable seat draw, “Raiz” joked about the situation.

With one player eliminated, “All Time” frontman Justin Bonomo enters the fray. Lewis insisted on praising the star, even showing that he spoke good English: “Look who walks in here… Justin Bonomo, ‘one of the best poker players in the world’.”

Raiz Catch Taking this opportunity, he also produced content and attacked Bonomo as a journalist (Hello World of Poker) by asking who was the toughest Brazilian player he has ever played against at the poker table, and the answer would not let Surprise for any reader: Yuri Martins.

“I guess I’d call Yuri a “nerd.” players,” Bonomo replied.

Justin Bonomo

Luiz Torres joins Justin Bonomo and takes question...

They saved their money for years and gave Dad tickets to the Main Event.

They saved their money for years and gave Dad tick...

What better way to celebrate a birthday than by playing in the WSOPMain Event? 60 isn’t every birthday, so this man received one of the greatest gifts of his life.

Rob Johnson with his wife Lynne at the 2023 WSOP.

The idea came up in 2017, and since then, his six children have been raising funds to be able to gift their father, Rob Johnson, a $10,000 admission package and an incredible gaming experience in Las Vegas.

It all started when sons living in different locations decided to meet at their parents’ house to celebrate Independence Day 2022. They grew up playing cards and watching tournaments like the Main Event on TV, so they decided to repeat the ritual after everyone gathered.

Things went better than planned and they suggested a little poker, for which they were each given 10 chips, but the father only got 9. When he protested the change, they produced a $10,000 WSOP chip, drawn by his daughter Ellie.

“First off, the day didn’t start off well, everyone said they weren’t going to play on the 4th of July, but then they came one by one. Then I got frustrated when they cut my chips. Then Sally leaned forward and said, ‘Here it is, Dad. “I was blown away when I read it. First, they had a great idea, and second, they really planned it out. These kids are amazing.”

Even though the birthday date is October 26, they decided to send gifts early so he could play on his first day and have already arrived at the Horseshoe and Paris facility in Las Vegas. All the family members, including his wife, were wearing yellow T-shirts with a photo of the birthday boy that read “I paid for it! Daddy’s playing! Happy 60th snatch!”

“Tell you what, just getting a chance to play would be awesome. If I could make it to the next day, it would be icing on the cake. Other than that, it would be surreal. I don’t even know what to think about it.”

The gifts don’t stop there, he Alsoalso booked for a trip to Scotland in 2024, but in a year-long wait after receiving the surprise, the litigator played poker player, spending final months preparing. This includes watching training videos to improve his skills. What is the strategy for day one? We have to see that at the poker table.

They saved their money for years and gave Dad tick...

New Installment of PokerStars MicroMillions Series Guaranteed Over €3 Million

New Installment of PokerStars MicroMillions Series...

The MicroMillions series has appeared on PokerStars .frespt lobby.

Shortly after Bounty Creator Week ended, the Red Spade Room decided not to wait any longer and launched a new Multiplayer – Table Tournament section.

The new installment of the MicroMillions series will run May 21-June 4; the program will include 159 games . And guaranteed prize money over €3 million.

Among all tournaments, the Main Event stands out, with a purchase price of – €50 and a guaranteed prize pool of €300,000.

In addition to the Main Event, the program includes 4 tournaments with a guaranteed €75,000 (2 Sunday Grand Slams with a buy-in of €30, 2 High Roller, 50 Euros for one game, 100 Euros for one game).

About buy, the reserve is 1€, and the maximum bonus is 100€ (this is the buy-in amount for MicroMillions). Super High Roller on June 4). Among them, the most common buy-in amounts are EUR 5, EUR 10 and EUR 20.

The main form is No Limit Texas Hold’em. Still, there will be 8 Pot Limit Omaha events. In the NLHE Championship we can enjoy many variants: Freezeout and Rebuy; Deepstack, Superstack and Gigastack; PKO, Ultra KO and Total KO; Turbo and Super Turbo Supercharged; alternating blinds and bubble dashes.

Tournaments of all budgets, large numbers of participants and long durations await us. Get ready to shuffle and play deals!

Responsible Gambling. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

New Installment of PokerStars MicroMillions Series...

Andorra gets apotheosis at SCOOP with three wins in tournaments tied to Pokerstars festival

Andorra gets apotheosis at SCOOP with three wins i...

It’s time , it was finally the day of the round for some of the players we saw most often in the Chronicle, and we detailed the performance of the Spanish players in our SCOOP.

It all came together in one epic match as we added two new players to the Official Tournament Winners list and continued in parallel and daily tournaments Accumulating achievements on which we sometimes have to rely, for lack of a better one at festivals.

Nearly all of last night’s notable scores were by Andorran-flagged players and remain anonymous, although it has been confirmed that most of them were reds, with special thanks to Spanish Poker Partner of Star Live.

Like ” Granter7777 “, he has already won some side races and some deep runs which put him in the middle of the Willo and Co. show .

Gestern trafen wir ihn an der Spitze der Bestenliste des letzten Turniers des Tages, dem $530 SCOOP 59-H 7-Max Turbo , der mit 360 anderen Teilnehmern um den virtuellen Pot kämpft.Yesterday, we found him in the last tournament of the day ($530 SCOOP 59-H 7- Max Turbo), competing for a virtual pot against 360 other entrants.

Die Zeit und das Format war ideal, um nicht in die Kerben zu geraten, die sich in der Schlussphase des SCOOP-Turniers unweigerlich wiederholen, aber nicht einmal das. „Granter7777“ mustte sich über weite Strecken des FT mit „ Pwndidi “ aus Rio de Janeiro abfinden und bekam es im Heads-Up mit einem weiteren unkaputtbaren Spieler, dem Tschechen „, zu tun.” Vocaaas “. The timing and format were perfect to avoid the inevitable repeat of the gap in the final stages of the SCOOP Championship, but even so. “Granter7777” must join “Pwndidi” from Rio de Janeiro in the “Granter7777” FT for most of the match, facing another invincible player, the Czech “Vocaaas”.

The Spaniard’s bounties were small, no matter where $31,546 each way, the difficulty is evident.

Slightly inferior was “Thebarraman”, which won the Super Tuesday Middle $109champion.

This match is too important to play it safe by ignoring the player’s possible Andorran Hispanic ancestry, so we’ll mention his $57,525, being the player in the red spade room the most relevant earnings on this fantastic day.

“Thebarraman” is now Brazil’s public enemy. The Verdemarelos team occupies the last 11 places in the tournament 7 seats, the last ” HakkaZilla ” was defeated by the Principality player in a similar match.

We are about to witness Billy Player at the foot of Nius Mountain, SuspiciousCat‘s third victory. Willow and his colleagues have identified him as the thriving Gerard Rubiralta, the only thing keeping him a notch below his neighbors The game won was not an official SCCOP event, but a SCOOP Edition Big $109.

I’m sure SuspiciousCat won’t be happy to see his account increase by $17,613. Over 150 levels of buy-in.

The last player we put on the front page has played a lot on Pokerstars, but we don’t yet know if he made it through that particular area. This is Guillermo Gordo, “PatanegraXD”, currently competing with the Polish flag.

Guille didn’t finish first like his teammates, but took second in the main daily tournament in the lobby, SCOOP Edition Bounty Generator HR $530 , can’t be ignored today (2nd place, $22,797 ).


Looks like the Spaniards have burned out their guns trying to break the “scoop” curse and there’s nothing left to cut today. Gerard Carbo qualified for Day Two on Twitch, but he wasn’t alone in making the cut at SCOOP 58-M. The only one who extended the track was ” Carbutron0 “, who made a solid debut in this edition of the COOP.

SCOOP 58-M 6-Max PKO $109 (128 of 3,114 players): 63.”gforcall”; 71.”B4NKR0LL3R , $19,000 + bounty.

SCOOP 58-H 6-Max PKO $1,050 (20 of 300 players): 13.” Carbutron0 “; 38.”SinKarma ”, $25,000 + bounty.

Andorra gets apotheosis at SCOOP with three wins i...

KSOP Iguaçu 2023: Juan Barattini Super Deep Water 1K Champion

KSOP Iguaçu 2023: Juan Barattini Super Deep Water...

Juan Barattini won the Mega Deep 1K event, Argentina’s first title at the KSOP Iguaçu Festival.

The entry fee for the tournament was 1,000 reais ($207) and there were 132 participants. Argentine Marcos Rodriguez Grassi reached the final and finished sixth, earning 5,350 reais ($1,111).

Juan Barattini was the overall winner, taking home R$ 25,000 ($5,192). Champion speech: “I feel very excited because this is the first time I have raced on this track. This victory is very spectacular, and I will go to Rio de Janeiro to find a new trophy.”

This is his year The fourth final table he won, he also finished third in the singles Day 20K LAPT Rio, eighth in the CAP Buenos Aires High Roller 350K and LAPT Montevideo The sixth-place finishers in the Main Event all go to Uruguay. He has earned over $160,000 in his career.

Finalists/Photo: Mundo Poker

These are the tournament finalists:

1. – Juan Barattini – R$25,000 2nd – Jorge Orlando – R$17,350 3rd – Paulo Roldan – R$12,600 4th – Marco Corrêa – R$8,650 5th – Elias Garcia – R$6,630 6th – Marcos Rodríguez Grassi – R$ 5,350, 7th pla ce – Rubens Apovian – R$ 4,500, 8th place – Marcos Borrionuevo – R$ 3,800, 9th place – Bruno de Oliveira – R$ 3,200.

KSOP Iguaçu 2023: Juan Barattini Super Deep Water...

WSOP 2023: Pokerlogia takes place in Las Vegas

WSOP 2023: Pokerlogia takes place in Las Vegas

WSOP 2023: Pokerlogia Follow in Las Vegas and watch Latin American players comment on the festival as they compete in the 54th World Series of Poker

It is with great pride and gratitude that I launch my 13th World Series 📸 as a professional media company and this is my What I never imagined I had imagined, but I kept trying to make it happen. I have been through a lot since the first time in 2009, and now, with all these experiences, I invite you to join me in this new challenge. All you have to do is follow us on social media so you never miss a thing.

What’s new, I’ll try to include as much as possible 📺 TWITCH channel is dedicated to live as much as possible. Social networks, especially ones like this one, take up so much of our lives and require sacrifices, and we try to live up to them.

There are already a lot of Latin American players in this city, and we’ve talked to some of them about tournaments, cash games, cash, fees, and what pros should Chatted and exchanged ideas with everything one wanted to know. Tullio and

It is worth noting that preparing a 35-day trip to such a city is difficult due to the high cost of the destination and the variables that often occur. I’ll be commenting on the many questions and “tricks” that arise from each experience on the stream.

There are many precautions to take when visiting the desert city.

Las Vegas and the U.S. overall are much more expensive than previous years, post-pandemic inflation and the peak summer season make it almost impossible to calculate the cost of a day, week and entire stay is a painful thing. On the other hand, the city is full of people and games, as well as shows and food deals for every taste and price.

🍖🥩🥪☕️ #rincondebuenosaires must stop by for our next one in Las Vegas @Vegas rep @pokerlogia Field @WSOP

– Fernando Gatto (@PensarPoker) May 24, 2023

Es Already a few Argentinians and Latin Americans People cash out and make final tables in Las Vegas in May and June. You can read all the results on The most important tournament in the world begins in early July: the World Series of Poker Main Event. On our website you can read daily summaries and upload exclusive information and photos on our social networks. We are waiting for you!

🔰 Stay tuned to for the latest news from this WSOP! ✍️📰

WSOP 2023: Pokerlogia takes place in Las Vegas

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