Andorra gets apotheosis at SCOOP with three wins in tournaments tied to Pokerstars festival

Andorra gets apotheosis at SCOOP with three wins i...

It’s time , it was finally the day of the round for some of the players we saw most often in the Chronicle, and we detailed the performance of the Spanish players in our SCOOP.

It all came together in one epic match as we added two new players to the Official Tournament Winners list and continued in parallel and daily tournaments Accumulating achievements on which we sometimes have to rely, for lack of a better one at festivals.

Nearly all of last night’s notable scores were by Andorran-flagged players and remain anonymous, although it has been confirmed that most of them were reds, with special thanks to Spanish Poker Partner of Star Live.

Like ” Granter7777 “, he has already won some side races and some deep runs which put him in the middle of the Willo and Co. show .

Gestern trafen wir ihn an der Spitze der Bestenliste des letzten Turniers des Tages, dem $530 SCOOP 59-H 7-Max Turbo , der mit 360 anderen Teilnehmern um den virtuellen Pot kämpft.Yesterday, we found him in the last tournament of the day ($530 SCOOP 59-H 7- Max Turbo), competing for a virtual pot against 360 other entrants.

Die Zeit und das Format war ideal, um nicht in die Kerben zu geraten, die sich in der Schlussphase des SCOOP-Turniers unweigerlich wiederholen, aber nicht einmal das. „Granter7777“ mustte sich über weite Strecken des FT mit „ Pwndidi “ aus Rio de Janeiro abfinden und bekam es im Heads-Up mit einem weiteren unkaputtbaren Spieler, dem Tschechen „, zu tun.” Vocaaas “. The timing and format were perfect to avoid the inevitable repeat of the gap in the final stages of the SCOOP Championship, but even so. “Granter7777” must join “Pwndidi” from Rio de Janeiro in the “Granter7777” FT for most of the match, facing another invincible player, the Czech “Vocaaas”.

The Spaniard’s bounties were small, no matter where $31,546 each way, the difficulty is evident.

Slightly inferior was “Thebarraman”, which won the Super Tuesday Middle $109champion.

This match is too important to play it safe by ignoring the player’s possible Andorran Hispanic ancestry, so we’ll mention his $57,525, being the player in the red spade room the most relevant earnings on this fantastic day.

“Thebarraman” is now Brazil’s public enemy. The Verdemarelos team occupies the last 11 places in the tournament 7 seats, the last ” HakkaZilla ” was defeated by the Principality player in a similar match.

We are about to witness Billy Player at the foot of Nius Mountain, SuspiciousCat‘s third victory. Willow and his colleagues have identified him as the thriving Gerard Rubiralta, the only thing keeping him a notch below his neighbors The game won was not an official SCCOP event, but a SCOOP Edition Big $109.

I’m sure SuspiciousCat won’t be happy to see his account increase by $17,613. Over 150 levels of buy-in.

The last player we put on the front page has played a lot on Pokerstars, but we don’t yet know if he made it through that particular area. This is Guillermo Gordo, “PatanegraXD”, currently competing with the Polish flag.

Guille didn’t finish first like his teammates, but took second in the main daily tournament in the lobby, SCOOP Edition Bounty Generator HR $530 , can’t be ignored today (2nd place, $22,797 ).


Looks like the Spaniards have burned out their guns trying to break the “scoop” curse and there’s nothing left to cut today. Gerard Carbo qualified for Day Two on Twitch, but he wasn’t alone in making the cut at SCOOP 58-M. The only one who extended the track was ” Carbutron0 “, who made a solid debut in this edition of the COOP.

SCOOP 58-M 6-Max PKO $109 (128 of 3,114 players): 63.”gforcall”; 71.”B4NKR0LL3R , $19,000 + bounty.

SCOOP 58-H 6-Max PKO $1,050 (20 of 300 players): 13.” Carbutron0 “; 38.”SinKarma ”, $25,000 + bounty.

Andorra gets apotheosis at SCOOP with three wins i...

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